Consumer Alert: Made in China

I’m not one of these people who refuses to buy anything made in China because I think they’re trying to take over the world and I hate them for it.  I just think that the regulatory practices in China (and the U.S., for imported goods) isn’t where it should be when it comes to consumer protection.  Companies are trying to make stuff as cheaply as they can, and sometimes the stuff they make ends up being unsafe…

The Concern:  You probably remember all the recalls of toys because they contained lead, kids’ jewelry with cadmium, etc.  But there are even scarier things to be found.  Cobalt 60 -a radioactive isotope that doesn’t occur in nature – was found in kitchen utensils made in China.  (read story here:

Don’t Rely on Brand Name:  Brands like Stila often put out mini palettes (especially around the holidays) and “bulk” items (kits sold at Costco, etc.) that are made in China.  Most of their makeup is made other places, but these items aren’t, and I have to say they’re not the same quality as their other products.  I’ve noticed an increasing number of brands that sell some items that are made in China, including Sephora brand, NYX, and Ulta brand.  e.l.f. brand cosmetics are almost exclusively made in China.  Sure, they might not contain lead, cadmium, or Cobalt 60, but I’m not going to take a chance with anything I put onto my skin.

The New Trick:  “Made in PRC” or “Made in PROC”.  This is a clever way of not putting “Made in China”  PRC/PROC is just an acronym for People’s Republic of China.  I guess they know some people are avoiding the “Made in China” label, so they’ve found a way around it.

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