About My Ratings

Products I’ve reviewed get a one to five star rating.  Here’s a brief summary of the majority of factors that affect the ratings…


Factors that Reduce the Amount of Stars a Product Can Get:

– Contains harmful chemicals, such as parabens or phthalates.

– Priced too high for what it is/does.

– Poor overall performance.

– False claims.  (If a product says it’s going to do something and falls way short of what a customer could reasonably expect.)

– Made in China.  (Primarily for high-end brands, because I’ve noticed a decrease in the quality of prestige brands when the products are made in China.  I expect inexpensive products to be made in China, but concern over quality-control measures leads me to believe Chinese-made products may not always be safe for use.  Also, Chinese law requires that cosmetics manufacturers test beauty products on animals, so by buying these products, you’re indirectly supporting animal cruelty.)

– Very strongly fragranced.

– Limited availability (Have to go to a certain store or website to find it.)


Factors that Increase the Amount of Stars a Product Can Get:

– Works exactly as stated on packaging/advertising.

– Free of harmful chemicals.

– Cruelty-free. (especially for Leaping Bunny approved items)

– Not strongly fragranced.

– Priced fairly.


In Summary:  The “star” system was created to give readers a visual representation of my overall view of the product.  This is only based on my opinions and how the product worked for me.  Some readers may have very different skin and beauty needs.  The most important thing is that my reviews are (brutally) honest and not influenced by any company or sponsor.




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