Where to Shop & Save

www.sephora.com  Premium brands.  3 free samples with every order. Join “Beauty Insider” to get free products and a birthday gift.

www.ulta.com  Premium and drugstore brands.  3 free samples with every order.  Join “The Club” (varies depending on where you live) to get points for free items, coupons, and special offers.

www.bloom.com  Random collection of some premium and drugstore brands.  Sometimes Groupon and similar programs offer special deals for this site, which could make your purchases less expensive.  “Try it, Love it Guarantee”, and rewards (cash/credit back) program.  Prices are similar to Ulta/Sephora, but if you have those stores in your area, you have to pay sales tax.

www.apothica.com   Another premium brand site.  Sometimes they have good promotions and closeout prices.

www.beauty.com  Premium brands.  3 free samples with purchase.  Sign up for e-mails to get special offers.

www.drugstore.com  Drugstore brands.  Cash back (via store credit) with purchases.  Sign up for e-mails to get special offers.

www.amazon.com  Pretty much everything you can get at any other store, sometimes at a lower price.  Plus, no sales tax and free shipping for $25 purchase if it’s an amazon item. (not shipped through Sephora or someone else)  Note:  There are LOTS of “third-party” sellers on amazon.  Buying from them is basically the same as buying from eBay.  Many of these people are selling counterfeit cosmetics.  Buyer beware!

www.overstock.com   Some high-end cosmetics products are available from Overstock.  Sometimes they’re in larger “bulk” quantities, so it may not be ideal for all shoppers.  Many items may not be offered at the lowest price, so shop around.

Big Lots:  (online shopping not available)   If you have these stores in your area, they’re a good place to look for great deals on drugstore brands.  They even sometimes carry “prestige” brands that have been discontinued.

www.ebates.com  Cash back program for shopping at most of the above sites.  Sometimes has exclusive coupons.

www.fatwallet.com  Similar to ebates, sometimes has a higher percentage for cash back.

www.retailmenot.com  Searchable coupon codes for most websites.

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