Review: Lorac Eye Shadow (single)

Some of my all-time favorite eye shadows were in a LORAC set I got as a gift years ago.  Admittedly, I held onto that set for WAY longer than I should have, just because I loved the eye shadows so very much.  (It was almost physically painful to throw it out!)  So, when I saw this lonely eye shadow in my recent raid of the clearance section of a Sephora-inside-JCPenney store, I couldn’t resist – especially since it was in a nice golden color I like to use to “highlight” the area under my brows…

Pros:  Contains botanical ingredients (cornflower, calendula, and cucumber).  Can be used wet or dry.  Texture is very smooth, soft, and light-weight.  Shimmery, but not sparkly.

Cons:  Contains parabens (high in ingredients list, indicating a larger percentage of them than some eye shadows).   Expensive – if not on sale.

In Summary:  Considering the (regular) price, I feel like this item should be paraben-free, cruelty-free, etc.  I would never pay $19 for a single eye shadow that contains parabens.  Quality means a lot to me, but if two items are equal in quality, I will always choose the one that speaks to my conscience, even if it costs a little more.  If I were in the market for a $19 single eye shadow, I would buy one from Urban Decay instead. (Read my review of the one I recently purchased here:

Note: If you love Lorac eye shadows, check out the new “Dazzling Dozen” set at Ulta for $35.  The shadows contain parabens, but the price is reasonable.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars   3-stars

Price:  $19 (when not on sale)

Available at:,*,, 

* currently on sale here for $6

LORAC eye shadow single

Shown in the color I bought: “Serenity”.


Review: LORAC Pro Mascara

Well, I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been having some medical issues (nothing serious, just a condition that’s more problematic than it should have been – and still isn’t solved!) and have been in and out of the hospital all month.  Somehow, in the midst of my medical dilemma, I managed to sneak in a trip to Ulta for the too-hard-to-resist deal on LORAC’s “Pro Mascara” – on sale for just $10.  I figured since I’d pay that for a “drugstore brand” mascara, it was worth a try…

Pros:  Smudge-resistant.  Doesn’t “flake”.  Not difficult to remove.  Paraben-free.

Cons:  Unusual brush (takes some getting used to).  Not waterproof.  Can get “clumpy” kind of easily, if you’re not careful.

Summary:  Decent mascara, for $10, but I wouldn’t pay full price for it.  I definitely prefer Benefit’s “They’re Real” mascara over this one.  However, the Benefit mascara is harder to remove, so the LORAC is a good choice for “everyday” use.

Note:  As of the writing of this post, this product was still on sale at Ulta for $10.  If you’re interested, get it there!  (Also available:  Free LORAC deluxe-sized eyeshadow primer sample with $25 LORAC purchase.)

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars  3-stars

Price:  $23

Available at:  Sephora, Ulta,,

LORAC pro mascara