Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Here in the U.S., we’ve been getting lots and lots of cold/snowy/icy weather.  People who have lived their whole lives never having seen snow are getting to experience it for the first time, due to some strange weather patterns that have brought snow to the southern states.  It’s been horrible – tons of school closures and delays, power outages, accidents.  Nightmarish.

I actually live in the South because I hate this kind of weather.  I grew up in the North and call myself a “refugee” of the cold.  When family asks me when I’ll move “back North”, I say: “When the equator shifts”.  The only day of the year I miss snow is Christmas.  I’d love to have a white Christmas.  I just want it to be 75 degrees.  Is that so much to ask?

Although I hate snow and have NO desire to live in it, I think it’s pretty.  Since we don’t get snow here except on a very rare occasion and in very limited amounts, I decided I could wear some snow – on my nails.

My very talented daughter did this nail art for me around the holidays:

(not a great photo - I took it with my phone...)

(not a great photo – I took it with my phone…)


I’m not usually a fan of nail art on myself.  I tend to think it should be reserved for much younger, trendier people.  But my daughter really enjoys doing it and everyone who knows me knows this is as close as I want to get to having snow.  🙂

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