Review: Laura Geller Blush N Brighten

I had been hoping for a “free gift with purchase” deal from to come before I wanted to make my next order (before my rewards credit expired!), and I got it when I received an e-mail about a free Laura Geller blush.   Having never tried Laura Geller’s stuff (and needing new blushes), I was excited for the free item offer…

Pros:  Paraben and sulfate-free.  Deeply pigmented.  Smooth texture.  Contains antioxidant ingredients.

Cons:  Expensive.  The mirror on the inside of the lid is only on half of the lid, so it is a little small to use (even on the full-sized product).

In Summary: This is definitely not something I would have purchased without trying it first.  I don’t like “swirled” colors in products – I just want to see what color it will be when I’m ready to put it on my face!  Also, it’s a “baked” product, and I haven’t had good experience with those. (They’re often gritty and don’t provide enough color, in my opinion.)  While I would never spend $30 on a blush, I’m very impressed by the quality of this one.  If it’s ever on sale, I’ll probably buy it.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars   4-stars

Price:  $27 – 31 (USD). Price varies by vendor.

Available at:,

Made in:  Italy

laura geller blush n brighten boysenberry

Shown in the color I got: “Boysenberry”.

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