Review: Revlon (powder) Blush

Blush is – by far – the most difficult product for me to find.  Apparently, I’m picky about it.  I want it to be smooth but not shimmery and provide a decent amount of color without having to put so much on that it starts to look “cake-y”.   Revlon seems to make consistently decent stuff, so I was willing to try this.  Plus, it only cost me 11 cents…

Pros: Contains some natural/botanical ingredients (extracts of ginkgo biloba, green tea, grape seed, panax ginseng root, and aloe barbadensis leaf).  Paraben-free.  Affordable.  Smooth texture.  Good amount of pigment.

Cons: I don’t think the color name of the one I bought is very accurate.  The packaging is a little difficult to open, especially if you’re trying to maintain a manicure.   As with most drug store brands, the brush is practically useless.  The mirror is very small.  And, apparently this is discontinued.

In Summary:  I was surprised by the quality of this blush, because I wasn’t expecting much from it.  I actually put WAY too much blush on my brush, expecting “cheap” quality and had to blend it with some neutral powder to tone it down a bit.  Considering I practically got it for free, I’m extremely happy.  Sadly, it looks like this particular item has been discontinued, as there’s a new formulation of the product .  It has a different style of packaging, and no botanical ingredients.  😦  Hopefully, the store will have some other colors on clearance when I go tomorrow!

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars  4.5-stars

Price:  Approx. $7 (USD)

Available at:  ??? apparently discontinued.  (Got mine at CVS drug store.)

Made in:  USA

Note:  Mine is in different packaging and didn't come with the cool slide-out mirror. :-(

Note: Mine is in different packaging and didn’t come with the cool slide-out mirror. Color shown: Smoky rose.

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