My Urban Decay Addiciton

I might need therapy.  But I just can’t help but love Urban Decay.  From their gorgeous packaging to the oh-so-clever names, I’m regularly tempted to splurge/binge on their products.  Add to the mix that their stuff is cruelty-free and it’s even harder to resist.  Honestly, the only thing keeping me from amassing a huge collection of their stuff is my budget…

Not pictured:  All the stuff I've bought my daughter and reserve a right to borrow.

Not pictured: All the stuff I’ve bought my daughter and reserve the right to borrow. Also: The full-size “De Slick” spray I put into another container.


Curse you, Urban Decay:  As if the above-mentioned reasons aren’t enough to cause a problem, they regularly offer amazing deals on products in their sale section.    Seriously, a palette of 6 eye shadows that normally would cost $18 each for $24.  Who can resist that?!?!  (OK, the $8.95 shipping makes it slightly more resist-able, but still…)

As if Things Aren’t Bad Enough:  I’ve now enabled my daughter onto a path of Urban Decay addiction.  I keep buying her stuff and now she’s bought herself the Naked 2 palette.  Not that I’m saying $52 is a ridiculous amount of money to spend on something like that.  Because it’s not – if you have the $52 to spend.

It Gets Worse:  I got a rare good-on-anything coupon for Ulta before Christmas.  Somehow, I managed to restrain myself and only buy 2 eye shadows.  My son got me an Ulta gift card for Christmas.  I bought another eye shadow.  My parents gave me money for Christmas.  I bought a 4-shadow palette (that came with an eye shadow) and another eye shadow.  And I’ve got my eye on a kit that’s exclusive to a specific retailer.  (It’s on sale!!!)

I’m Not Alone:  Tons of beauty bloggers swear by Urban Decay’s stuff.  Obviously, Urban Decay is aware of this, because they now have a whole line of “fan gear”.    If I surfed (in the ocean, not just on the internet!), I would probably be tempted to buy the UD surfboard.  Oh, and it’s a good thing my kids are teenagers, or I’d be ordering that UD onesie!

Someone Help Me:  I kind of wish I would hear something bad about Urban Decay so I’d have an excuse to boycott their products. (It would be hard, but I have principles and will not give my money to companies that support hate groups – no matter how much I love their waffle fries.)

OK, Seriously:  Urban Decay makes great stuff. While I’m too old for some of their products (glitter eyeliner and all other things “sparkly”), some of them are perfect for me.  If it weren’t for Urban Decay’s “Blackout” eye shadow, I’d still be frustrated on a regular basis, trying – unsuccessfully – to put on eyeliner in pencil form.

Thank You, Urban Decay:  I appreciate your amusing product names.  I love that your stuff is cruelty-free.  I think the packaging is lovely.  While I may wish it were more affordable, I’ve never felt that any Urban Decay product I’ve purchased was a total waste of money.  And that’s more than I can say for any other company’s stuff.

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