Opinions Wanted (About ipsy Glam Bag)

Alright, I’ve already admitted to being commitment-phobic, so this post should come as no surprise to anyone…

I’m trying to get honest opinions about the ipsy Glam Bag subscription service.

Reasons I Find It Tempting:

  • I like trying new stuff.
  • It’s “only” $10 a month and might have more than $10 worth of stuff I like.
  • I like surprises.  I love the idea of “grab bags” in general.

My issues with it:

  • I’m kind of picky about the stuff I put on my skin. (I don’t like parabens or stuff made in China and I have oily skin, so I can’t wear everything.)
  • I think it’s annoying that you have to give them a credit card to get onto the WAIT list.
  • Also annoying: the fastest way to get off the wait list is by giving them your  Facebook information and “sharing” with (advertising to) your friends.  Without signing up for the service, I can’t find out what all is involved with the “share on Facebook” option.  I’m not fond of Facebook apps that need to see all my information.  (basic stuff – OK – but do you really need to see everything I “like”, where I live, etc?)  My cousin agreed to the “Facebook sharing” option and it posted a link to their website AND a comment she didn’t even write (“I’m so excited, I finally got off the waitlist!”) on her wall.  Kind of creepy.
  • While the makeup bags are cute, I’m not sure I need to have a collection of makeup bags.  I’ve already got plenty!
  • If I were to use coupons and sales, I could just dedicate $10 a month to beauty products and get stuff I know I like.

Yeah, I Know

I realize it’s kind of silly to agonize so much over just being put on the wait list.  But I’m not loving the idea of putting my credit card info into a permanent database on someone’s server.  My debit card information was recently hacked and someone spent ALL the money in my account by making up a fake debit card with my information, even though I’m very careful when shopping online.  I feel like these subscription services are a bit of a financial risk. Even secure servers get hacked and billing errors happen.


Opinions appreciated. Be brutally honest.  I always am. 😉

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