Thumbs-Down: Rusk Deep Shine Dry Shampoo

I won this in a contest, and I feel a little bad bashing it (since I didn’t pay for it), but oh well.  I finally got around to using it the other day when I ran out of all my favorite dry shampoos.  Yes, I use dry shampoo a LOT – especially now that my hair is short.  I would have to style it every day, and I just don’t want to!  Plus, it’s winter. Anyway, there are tons of dry shampoo products out there (read my “quick rundown” reviews here: and full review of Batiste here:, so there are plenty to choose from.  Don’t choose this one…

Pros:  Talc-free.  Same “pros” as other dry shampoos – gives your hair a break from shampooing, saves time, etc.  Allegedly designed for color-treated hair.  Doesn’t leave a lot of white powder behind.

Cons:  Smells really bad.  It has added fragrance, but it still smells weird.  Contains parabens – and alcohol, which I doubt is good for your color.  Not as “dry” as other products in the category.  Expensive.

In Summary:   This isn’t a horrible product, but it’s not nearly as good as many other dry shampoos on the market, including several that are less expensive.  However, the smell of it was so strong (and unpleasant) that I literally put perfume in my hair to “camouflage” it.  I think they’re marketing it as a “color care” product because using dry shampoo is less damaging to your hair than actually washing it, but I’m not convinced this particular product is the best choice, since it contains alcohol.  If you regularly use dry shampoo, get something cheaper (and easier to find) like Not Your Mother’s brand.

Rating:  1 out of 5 stars  1-star

Price:  $15- $20 for 8 oz. bottle

Available at:  Various online retailers and salons

rusk deep shine dry shampoo

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