It’s Only Hair

“It’s only hair.”  I’ve found myself saying this many, many times in my life.  When I got a color I didn’t love (Thankfully, I use non-permanent color).  When I got a cut I didn’t love (many, many times).  When my kids wanted to do something new with their hair.  It’s only hair.  To us.  But to someone with cancer, having hair can be the difference between feeling like a person and feeling like a victim of a cruel disease…

My Love Affair with Hair:   I love my hair.  It’s actually one of the few things left on my body that I do like.  Yes, I have a couple greys.  A pair of tweezers takes care of them when they show up.  No, my hair doesn’t always “behave”.  I live in a hot, humid climate.  My hair reminds me with regular episodes of frizziness.  But still, I love my hair.  I get compliments on it regularly – sometimes strange ones like “What is that color called?”  (My hair hasn’t been colored in a long time, but it has natural high/lowlights that people love.  It’s a fair question, since lots of people my age do color their hair.) But as much as I love my hair, I realize someone else may love it even more.

Bye, Bye Hair:  Today, I got my hair cut so I can donate it to Pantene’s “Beautiful Lengths” program.  I got about a foot of it cut off.  I have so much hair, it had to be cut off in 3 separate pony tails. My hair will be combined with other people’s hair – all colored to match – and will be made into a wig.  The program has donated over 24,000 real-hair wigs in conjunction with the American Cancer Society.


The hair formerly known as “mine”.

Yes, It Was Hard:  Since I mostly fear commitment, this is kind of a big deal.  I was actually more nervous about doing this than I have been about anything in a while.  I’m pretty sure I was less freaked out about my recent surgical/medical procedures than I was about the idea of getting my hair cut off.  (Let’s face it – haircuts can go very, very badly!)

Why Not?:  Donating my hair costs me nothing and will help make a difference in someone else’s life.  The Aveda Institute salon where I got mine done even cut and styled it for free, since I was donating my hair!

Adjustment Period:  For the next week, I will forget I have short hair.  I will put too much shampoo and/or conditioner in my hand when I wash it.  I will try to pull it out of shirts and jackets.  But eventually, I’ll get used to it.  I don’t actually love short hair on myself, but it will grow back.  When it does, I will donate it again.  Because it’s only hair.

"Before" hair donation.

“Before” hair donation.

After hair donation.

“After” hair donation.


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