Love This! Urban Decay Eyeshadow (in “Blackout”)

I have needed to get out and buy a new black eye shadow for a while now.  You see, I’m eyeliner-challenged.  I cannot “get the hang” of using an eyeliner pencil to save my life.  So, my solution is to use an angled eyeliner brush and black eye shadow to create a “liner”.  A recent rash of what I call “eye allergy attacks” (intensely painful, burning sensation that occurs suddenly – sometimes while I’m driving!) has motivated me to take the leap and spend a little money on a good eye shadow.  (The one I’ve been using is good, but very old.)  Also, I got a $10 Sephora gift card for $5, which I used to justify spending the money on this product…

Pros:  Vegan. Cruelty-free. Paraben-free.  Not made in China. Deeply pigmented. Matte finish makes it versatile for use as an eyeliner, or as a way of “darkening” lighter colors. (Note: Also available in not-matte black shades.)

Cons:  Expensive.  Container is a little difficult to open.  (I have long fingernails and am always worried about damaging them – or my nail polish…)

In Summary:  This eye shadow works perfectly for what I need.  Although I haven’t used it as an actual eye shadow (only liner), its deep, dark color is impressive.  It goes on smoothly and stays in place.  I may even invest in some more colors in the near future – if I can get a good deal on them!

Rating:  5 out of 5 stars  5-stars

Note:  Normally, I would only give it 4.5 stars, because of the price.  However, since it’s a great product AND it’s cruelty and paraben-free, I think it’s worth the extra money.

Price:  $18

Available at:,,,

urban decay blackout eye shadow


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