Review (Love This!): Ferro Cosmetics Blush

I’ve been needing to find some new blushes.  I have some that I’ve been holding onto for WAY too long and they’re getting a little “cakey”.  Some of the others I don’t even like, but I’ve kept them because they’re a color I need/want.  So, I was glad to get these in my sample collection of products from… 

Pros:  100% natural.  Vegan.  Made in USA.  Dermatologist-tested.  Cruelty-free (PETA). Paraben-free. Finely milled.  Smooth texture.  Several shades available.  Company supports charitable organizations.

Cons:  Expensive.  Loose/mineral powder can be a little messy.  Limited availability. Website doesn’t list how much product comes in the container.

In Summary:  I think this is very good blush.  I like the texture more than all of the “drugstore brand” blushes I’ve used.  Add to the fact that it’s paraben and cruelty-free, and it’s definitely at the top of my list of blushes I would buy.  If budget weren’t an issue, I’d buy it in every color.

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars  4.5-stars

Price:  $17

Available at:

ferro cosmetics

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