“Mystery Collection”

I have this weird oxymoronic personality issue.  I hate surprises.  And I love them.  Surprise, last-minute change to my schedule? Hate it.  Even if it’s something fun?  Yeah, still hate it.  Surprise in the form of a “grab bag” of stuff?  Love it.  So, when I saw’s “Mystery Collection”, I was intrigued.  Especially when I got a discount code…

About Collections:  This website has several “collections” available at a time, with a good range of offerings.  Currently, there are 5 offered, (“mystery” is sold out) ranging from $15-$30.  The $30 one is a GREAT deal, but it’s a little “rated-R”, just so you know…

Pros:  No commitment!!!  This is a big deal for me.  I hate programs that require a monthly subscription – especially if it’s not easy to “opt out”. (Yes, I’m talking about you, Julep Maven program!)  Also – from what I can tell – all of these collections are a good deal.  Plus, you get to try products that might be too expensive to buy full-size only to find out you didn’t like them anyway.

Cons:  You might not like all the products and/or they might not meet your skincare/beauty needs.  “Full size” products advertised seem to be kind of small stuff, like lip balm.  (Oooh, full-size lip balm?  Awesome!)

What I Got:  The “mystery collection” contained items from the other collections currently offered.  (probably leftovers)  I suppose I could have figured out this is what I was going to get, huh?



– Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm (full size! 😉

– Q-tips (travel size)

– $50 gift card to (a little tricky to use, but OK)

– Juara Candlenut Body Crème (Sample size  – .17 oz.)

– EVOLVh UltraShine Shampoo & Conditioner (travel size – 2 oz.)

– NYX Roll On Shimmer for eyes, face, body (full size, I think)

– NYX Color Lip Balm (full size)

– The Honest Co. Fragrance-free Face & Body Lotion (travel size – 1 oz.)

– The Honest Co. Fragrance-free Healing Balm (travel size – 1 oz.)

– Boscia Luminizing (peel-off) Black Mask (deluxe sample size – .35 oz.)

– Alfaparf Milano Illuminating Serum (deluxe sample size)

– (2) Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Blush Powders (deluxe sample size)

– (7) EBoost Daily Health Booster Water Additives (single-serve)

In Summary:  OK, I would never buy some of this stuff.  I have a good hair serum that I like.  I don’t buy stuff made in China (talking about you, NYX) or that contains parabens (also you, NYX) and I don’t feel a need for a water additive.  Other than that, I think I’ll get some good use out of the products. (reviews coming soon!) I’m sure it’s a good value – even if I only use these as emergency/travel items.  In the future, though, I’ll probably only order collections where I can see the contents.

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