Review: Maybelline Clean Express! Wipes

This story starts like so many others.  I had a coupon.  And it was on sale.  So I forgot to check the ingredients…

Pros:  Smells nice.  Soft.  Oil-free.  Affordable.  Gentle.  Allergy-tested.

Cons:  Doesn’t remove makeup as well as many others.  Contains parabens – high up in the ingredients list, indicating there’s a fairly large amount of that particular ingredient. Contains glycerin, which can cause breakouts (even though they’re “oil free”)

In Summary:  Meh.  These are decent wipes, but not any better than the average cleansing wipe.  I’m going to keep buying “no-name” wipes at discount stores and pass on buying this one again. Even if I have a coupon and it’s on sale.

Note:  My daughter liked the eye makeup remover from the Clean Express! line, but it also contains parabens in similar position on the ingredients list.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5-stars

Price:  approx. $5 for 25 towelettes

Available at:  drugstores, mass merchandisers

maybelline wipes

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