All That Glitters is Not…Great

(Yes, it’s another post about nail polish…I’m on a nail polish “kick”, I guess…)  

I’m a girl.  I like shiny, sparkly stuff.  Including nail polish.  But glittery nail polish can be a pain…

Problem 1:  Even application.  If you’re OCD like me, you want the glitter to be distributed evenly on your nails.  This can be difficult.

Problem 2:  Durability.  Glitter nail polish often chips off more readily than other nail polish, because its texture allows it to “catch” on things and come off in chunks. (Yes, I know I should be using top coat, but glitter is usually my “quick fix” for another nail polish that is starting to show signs of wear!)

Problem 3:  Removal.  Glitter nail polish is notoriously hard to remove.  If you use cotton pads, it will shred them up.  As the nail polish remover dissolves the polish, it can make the problem worse, since it will stick AND shred simultaneously.

Solution:  What I refer to as “hybrid glitter” nail polish.  These polishes have glitter – albeit a bit more subtle than some of their counterparts – but are still smooth to the touch (don’t chip) and are easier to remove.

The Good, the Bad, and the Good Enough:

Evil:  Nicole by OPI in “All is Glam, All is Bright”.  Encompasses all three of the “Problems” listed above. (note: It looks a little more pink “in real life”)  However, I love the color(s) and it’s often my go-to nail polish when I need to hide a bad/worn out nail polish job.

nicole opi all is glam

Nice:  Piggy Polish in “Sunshine on Snowflakes”.  Has a VERY strong odor. Despite my perfect eyesight, I’m unable to read the ingredients.  Maybe it’s got the not-as-bad-for-you stuff and that’s why it smells that way. Also, it’s allegedly made for toes. (Don’t tell me where to put my polish!)  However, it is the perfect level of glitter for me.  Enough of the sparkle, none of the hassle.  I love this one.

Piggy Polish

Meh:  China Glaze in “Fast Track”. It’s a subtle gold glitter that’s mostly sheer but good for layering.  I used it over the “Debra” Julep polish I didn’t love, so my nails would resemble something tolerable. Boring-ish color aside, this is a great glitter solution – and it’s super shiny (like you added a top coat).

china glaze

Disclaimer:  I got all of these nail polishes at different times in the Ulta clearance section.  They’re probably all discontinued.  However, they give you a good idea of what’s available in the “glitter family”.

In Summary:  Choose your glitter polish wisely.  Figure out if you really need that super-heavy glitter look or if you can settle for something a bit more subtle.

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