Brush Storage Idea (Bonus: Aromatherapy Option!)

Since I have lots of makeup brushes – due to my attempts to minimize the frequency of the cleaning routine –  storage is an issue.  I like to have them handy (not packed into some sort of specialty container).  However, I’m also a little OCD about my bathroom accessories matching.  Here’s what I came up with to solve my problem…

Original Storage Tool:  A decorative “bathroom tumbler” that matches all my other countertop accessories.  It’s pretty, but it’s too tall for most of my brushes.

From the "York" collection at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  $8.99.

From the “York” collection at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. $8.99.

New, Cheap (probably temporary) Solution:  A leftover sandwich meat container.  I had been shopping around for a container that met my needs (right size, color, and price) and hadn’t found anything.  This will work for now.  (OK, I should have turned it around so the lot number and expiration date were on the back.  I was too lazy to fix it for the photo.)


The Filler:  I love the smell of coffee.  However, I only drink “froofy” drinks (cappuccino, macchiato, etc.) and I rarely make them at home – even though I have an espresso machine.  I do have a bag of espresso roast beans I keep in the fridge for the days I feel like making my own “froofy” coffee, though.  So, now my bathroom smells like coffee.  Heavenly.

Alternate Ideas:  If you don’t care for the smell of coffee, you can use all kinds of other things:  river rock, aquarium gravel (comes in lots of bright colors!), bath salts (lots of colors and fragrances!), beads, tiny shells, or whatever else meets your decorating desires.  Most of these items can be found at dollar stores, so it won’t cost much to buy enough to fill your container.

Keep in Mind:  After a while, whatever you put into the container is going to start to get dusty.  Make sure whatever you use can be cleaned easily (or replaced inexpensively).  If you use bath salts, make sure you keep them away from your sink, because once they start getting wet, it might be problematic.  If you’re going to go with the coffee beans, I recommend you get some very cheap whole bean coffee. (Discount stores like TJMaxx usually carry it.)  The espresso beans can be rather oily, which I didn’t think about when I used them.

In Summary:  This may not be the best brush storage solution for you, but it’s working great for me.  Plus, having them out and within my field of view helps me remember to clean them, which is actually next on my “to do” list for today after finishing this post.  Unless I find something else to do.  Which I probably will.

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  1. I use a tumbler (cup/container/holder) from the bath aisle for mine too. Great ideas!!

  2. Those are nice tips! I should suggest those to my mom. Our cheap storage in Sydney is full of unused/old bathroom items that mostly belongs to my mom!


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