Thumbs-Down: J.R. Watkins “Lotion Devotion” Set

On one of my regular trips to Target, I saw a too-hard-to-resist collection of travel-sized lotions on clearance, about half off. (5 different ones in a zip-top bag, which I can reuse for travel.) Because I never leave home without lotion – usually in my car AND in my purse – I thought these would be handy to have around.

Pros: Paraben-free. Made in USA. Natural ingredients. Convenient for travel.

Cons: Expensive if bought full-price. Inconvenient containers. (no flip-top) Fragrance is overpowered by other ingredients, so it smells like cheap lotion with added fragrance. Unimpressive moisturizing. Not very “creamy”.

In Summary:  I’m not too upset about the disappointing performance of these lotions, but only because I spent just $4.14 on them.  If they at least smelled better, I would be willing to keep using them. The ingredients are almost exactly the same on each of the 5 containers (the foot “cream” contains glycerine, which the others don’t), so I think they’re all the same quality and just come in different fragrances.  I don’t know if these are even worth “emergency” in-my-car use…

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars 2-stars

Price:  $8.29 at Target, $10.99 at manufacturer website (for five 1 oz.  containers in a zip-top bag)

Available at: Target,


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