Think You Want to Be Perfect?

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, and that’s true – to some extent.  However, scientists have proven that what our brains tend to perceive as “beautiful” (at least when it comes to people) is a combination of things – a big part of which is symmetry.  So, if your face is fairly symmetrical, you’re more likely to be able to be a model than the non-symmetrical people.  You might already know this and obsess over trying to get as much “balance” in your look as you can. (I do it with my eyebrows.)  But I would like to submit that without our “flaws” and asymmetries, we wouldn’t be the same people.  Here are some badly Photoshopped pictures to prove my point.


Here’s a famous songstress who is certainly a “teenage dream” for lots of people. If you take only the left side or only the right side of her face and “mirror” it to make a whole person, she doesn’t look quite the same, does she?  (ignore the weirdness caused by my lazy Photoshopping…)


Sienna Miller – arguably one of the most beautiful women on the planet – looks like two different people when made up of only some of her face…

sienna-miller-symmetry-expeAnd let’s not just pick on the ladies.  There are “Sexiest Men Alive” who don’t look the same when “mirrored”, either.  Bradley Cooper is probably most easily recognizable for his uber-blue eyes, but with only one side of his nose to make up both sides of his face, he looks pretty different…

bradley-cooper-symmetry-expAnother “Sexiest Man Alive” winner.  OK, so there’s NOTHING you can do to make Ryan Reynolds look bad – but look at how the shape of his forehead completely changes from one side to the other…


Lesson Learned:  Of course, most of us would like to look perfect.  The more vain (and wealthy) among us may even seek out perfection via plastic surgery.  But we are who we are, flaws and all.    Without that, we’d all look like mannequins.  A little asymmetry makes us unique and makes us recognizable to our friends and family. So embrace your uniqueness and stop obsessing over perfection.


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  1. Katy Perry looks better with her right side only lol. But seriously, I too am guilty of looking at my face and wishing it was more symmetrical. I have a bit of a lazy left eye :p

    • One of my eyebrows is noticeably higher than the other. I totally pick out sunglasses that help me hide this fact. It kinda drives me crazy. I always joke that if I get a brow lift, I’ll make sure they’re finally the same height!!!


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