Review: Natural Instincts (“Creme”) Hair Color

Natural Instincts hair color is the only kind I’ve ever used on my hair.  I first used it about 10 years ago and haven’t tried anything else, because I’ve been happy with the results every time I’ve used it.  I bought a box of the “creme” version on clearance with a coupon at Ulta.  The selections for colors I like were limited, so I got this version instead of the original, even though I thought I might not be as happy with it…

Pros:  Same benefits as regular Natural Instincts hair color.  Good variety of colors.  Doesn’t smell awful.  Comes with “Color Fresh!” packet to “boost” color after a couple weeks.  Comes with extra conditioner.  “Creme” type stays in place better, so you get less in places you don’t want it.

Cons:  Somewhat thick and pasty.  I usually comb the color through my very thick, fairly long hair to make sure it’s distributed.  This formula makes that almost impossible.  The “color” part of the mix is a cream, so it doesn’t blend into the activator stuff very well.

In Summary:  I will be sticking to the original formula. (I hope they haven’t discontinued it!)  Getting this stuff through my hair was horrible.  The end result was hair color that got left in too long (because I was trying to distribute the color for so long) and uneven color (because I gave up after a while).  I’m really glad it isn’t permanent color.  And that I only paid $2 for it…

Note: Natural Instincts now makes permanent color (“Vibrant”).  Be careful if you’re trying to get non-permanent stuff!

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars (only for people with thick hair like mine…)  2.5-stars

Price: approx $9 (often on sale with drug store weekly promotions)

Available at: Ulta,, drug stores, mass merchandisers

This is the actual color I bought.  It looks a little "extreme" on the areas of my hair with natural highlights.

This is the actual color I bought. It looks a little “extreme” on the areas of my hair with natural highlights.


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  1. I just tried Natural Instincts but it was the original liquid formula which is easy to comb through. I found it a bit drippy, and it doesn’t cover thick hair well, but the color came out awesome. Have you gone back to the liquid version since?

    • I haven’t colored my hair since, but am planning on doing it soon, and I’ll probably use the regular liquid kind, although now my hair is kind of short (and I got it thinned), so I could probably use the “creme”.


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