Sephora – More than Just a Beauty Store

If you’re a big Sephora fan (like me!), you may already know all about the information in today’s post.  However, I just found out about Sephora’s “other” services (you know, other than selling fabulous, addictive makeup products!), so I’m sharing with anyone else who might not know…

Free Mini-Sessions:  Sephora has a set of “express services” that are offered on a walk-in basis.  You can change up your look with the following express services:  Smoky Eye, Perfect Lips, Treat & Conceal, Blush & Bronze, Everyday Eye, Essential Eyeliner, Flawless Foundation, and Faux Lashes.  These services (at least some of them) are also offered at the Sephora Inside JCPenney locations.

Makeup Application:  Many stores will do a makeup application for a special event (or “just because”).  The 45-minute session is one-on-one and is a great way to find a new look.  The catch:  You have to spend $50 on stuff to get the service.  (But hey, you get to keep the stuff – if you’re going to spend $50 in there, you’d might as well get the makeover, too!)  This service seems to be available at all the stand-alone stores (not the ones inside JCPenney stores). A handful of stores (ones located in major cities) even let you book this service online.

Personal Beauty Advisor:  You can get a 90-minute consultation that goes over your hair, skin, makeup, “and more” (don’t know what else there is!).  This service also comes with a custom makeup application session.  For this one, you have to spend $125 on products.

Classes:  Apparently, Sephora offers some sort of “classes” at select stores as well.  The one listed on the website now is called “Extraordinary Holiday Eyes”.  Call your local store to see if they offer classes.

Miscellaneous Info:  All the information about these services, as well as a list of locations that offer online reservations can be found here:  Sephora Beauty Studio.

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