Thumbs-Down: Ulta Extreme Wear Whipped Eye Shadow

Ulta had a Buy One, Get One Free sale on their products last week (as well as a coupon and a “free item with purchase” deal).  I haven’t been impressed with the few Ulta brand products I’ve tried, but I wanted to try this eye shadow, since I’ve liked the cream eye shadows I’ve tried in the past (Revlon).  So, I picked it up in “Strawberry Cream”.  I should have found a different product instead…

Pros:  Inexpensive(ish).  Good variety of colors.  Made in USA (at least this color is). Paraben-free.  “Not animal tested”, according to the Ulta website.

Cons:  No ingredients list on the package. Color not very vibrant (doesn’t match up to color it looks like in the container). Apply too little and you can barely see it, apply too much and it looks really bad.  It’s a little bit too creamy – it’s more like a lotion than an eye shadow.

In Summary:  I really, really don’t like this stuff.  I doesn’t go on very well.  I believe the “extreme wear” claim, but who cares how long it stays on if it looks horrible while you’re wearing it?  I ended up removing it and applying another product.  I didn’t like how chalky it looked on my eyelids.  Since the color is so light, it made it look like I had flaky, dry skin on my eye area.  It got good reviews on, so maybe there’s some trick to applying it that I don’t know about.  I guess I’ll keep it around in case I find a use for it, but I suspect it will get tossed out in my next “bathroom purge”…

Rating: 1 out of  stars  1-star

Price: $8

Available at: Ulta

ulta extreme wear whipped eye shadow

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