Strange But True

I’ve really been enjoying reading the Twitter feed from UberFacts.  I just like knowing random things.  And – for some reason unknown to me – I’m able to remember useless information better than important things (like my anniversary).  Someday, I may be able to profit from all this trivial knowledge (I tried out for Jeopardy! but didn’t make the cut – this time)  but until then, I’m just going to enjoy learning fun facts.  Here are some beauty-related facts you might find interesting…

Did You Know?

– On average, women spend fifty-eight days of their lives shaving or waxing unwanted hair.

–  In the late 18th century, members of The French Court (Marie Antoinette, et al) obsessed over having flawless alabaster skin. They faked it with thick  layers of white powder (made out of everything from white lead and talc to  pulverized bone) combined with wax, whale blubber, or vegetable oil

– A 1991 study showed that female politicians who employed Hollywood makeup  artists and photographers were 30% more likely to win elections.

– During the reign of Elizabeth I, there was a tax put on men’s beards.

– Most lipstick contains fish scales.

– The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off.

– Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.

– In Kentucky, it’s the law that a person must take a bath once a year.

– The more attractive a woman is, the more impaired the brains of surrounding males become.

– Eating onions and garlic helps your hair grow.

– During the nylon shortages of WWII, many women used eyeliner to draw “seams” up the back of their legs.


So there you go – useless information.  And no, I don’t expect any of those questions to show up on the next Jeopardy! tryout, but there’s no such thing as too much knowledge…

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  1. That’s so cool that you tried out for Jeopardy! Keep trying and never give up! Also, I may have to follow UberFacts

    • Now that I have a better “working knowledge” of how the online test works, I think I have a better chance. 🙂


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