Burt’s Bees Gift Sets – $10 and under

If you need a budget-friendly gift, either for a gift exchange, stocking stuffer, or whatever – here are some things that are available this holiday season that won’t destroy your budget.  I found these all on Target’s website, but they’re often available at WalMart, Ulta, and some drug stores as well…

Lip Balm 4-pack

Great gender-neutral gift

$9.99 at Target

bb 4 pack

Here’s a “girly-er” version, also $9.99.

This set is also available in a “basic” version – with just the Beeswax Lip Balms

(So, for the same price you can buy just the 4-pack, or the 4-pack with a gift box thing.)

bb gift setBody Butter & Lip Balm Set (2 varieties)

OK, this one is $12.99 at Target.  However, if you use a Target Red Card, you save 5%.

If you buy 2, you get a $5 Target gift card, making them cost under $10 in the end.

BB body butter & balmLip Balm & Cuticle Cream

This is basically a Buy One, Get One Free deal after the gift card!

Tinted Balm Shimmer Combo


Tinted Balm Duo

tinted balm duo

If You’re a Burt’s Bees Fan on a Budget:   Check stores like TJ Maxx & Marshall’s.  They often have Burt’s Bees products at a considerable discount.  Sometimes they’re the “discontinued” ones, but who cares?


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