Thumbs-Down: Jergens Daily Moisture (“Dry Skin Moisturizer”)

I got a sample of this product in the latest Target Beauty Bag.  I don’t usually buy Jergens’ lotions, because I’ve never been impressed by them.  This one hasn’t done anything to change my opinion…

Pros: Inexpensive.  Not strongly fragranced.

Cons: Doesn’t absorb well.  Not long-lasting (despite the “24-hour hydration” claim.)  Contains parabens – rather high in the ingredients list, too, so there are more than some products contain.

In Summary:  Like other Jergens products I’ve tried, this one is unimpressive.  I tested it on my leg (which is what I would call a “normal” level of dryness for this time of year) and when I compared that leg with the other several hours later, there was no discernible difference.  I’m very confused about the ingredients:  It contains lemon, grapefruit, and pineapple juices.  How are acidic citrus products supposed to help moisturize?  Weird.  At any rate, I definitely wouldn’t buy this product.  There are so many moisturizers on the market that work better than this one that I wouldn’t waste my money on it.

Budget-Friendly Alternative to This Product:  Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion  (It also contains parabens, but it works much better.)

Rating:  1.5 out of 5 stars 

Price: approx $6 for 21 fl. oz. bottle

Available at: mass merchandisers, drug stores, online retailers

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