Weird Beauty Advice

In theory, I love the idea of trying “home remedy” things.  My most recent foray was an attempt to cure my allergies.  I heard that if you have a teaspoon of locally-made honey, it will help with allergy symptoms.  So, I bought a rather large bottle of honey and tried it out.  The result:  A massive sneezing fit that rendered me almost incapable of breathing.  I tried 3 days in a row and got the same result each time.  So, sometimes when I see advice about home-made beauty products, I’m a little dubious…

The Latest Wacky Beauty Advice:  (From Self Magazine’s November issue)

Wait, What?  So, if my hair color is a little “brassy”, I should put grape Kool-Aid in it?  A:  Kool-Aid is not permanent.  If I get rained on or sweaty, I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up all over whatever I’m wearing.  B:  I really don’t want to smell like Grape Kool-Aid.  I think I’d be better off getting a $6 box of Natural Instincts color to tone down any “brassy” effect I may be dealing with.  (Not an issue for me, since I don’t color my hair brown, but still…)

Other Weird Advice:  I read an article (or blog post, I don’t remember) once by a woman who had tried some of these other “at home” beauty remedies.  My favorite:   Using cherry Jell-O mix to make a lip stain.  The result was moderately disastrous for her, since she tried it before a party-type event.  She ended up with a very red tongue and red teeth as she licked her lips, drank beverages, etc. throughout the night.

Maybe the Food Products Should Stay in the Pantry:  I’m not saying that all at-home beauty fixes are a bad idea.  (Read my posts about tea tree oil and other household products.)  I just think of some of them might not be thought through very well…

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