The other day, I was gushing over some of the adorable new holiday gift sets being offered by my favorite cosmetics companies.  After a trip to Ulta, I have decided to “un-wish” for some of them…

Made in China:  OK, I’m not one of these crazy left-wing people who think China is trying to take over our country and have boycotted all things made in China.  However, there have been so many reports of unsafe levels of lead, cadmium, and even more hazardous materials in products made in China (never mind the potential human rights issues…) that I’ve decided to no longer purchase anything made in China if it comes in contact with my skin or food.

Quality?   It’s been my experience in the past that some of these gift sets that are offered at a too-good-to-be-true price usually are.  Some of the ones I’ve tried are made of cheaper materials and/or aren’t as finely-milled, which make them go on less smoothly.

Increasing Trend:  There were certain brands I noticed doing the “made in China” thing with their holiday gift sets (Yes, Stila, I’m talking about you…) but it’s happening more and more.  I guess as the economy took a downturn, people were looking for ways to save money, both on the corporate and on the consumer side.   In either case, I can’t blame anyone for trying to save money.  But when people expect a certain level of quality and you compromise that to save money, it’s a little shifty.

Very Sad:  I’m fairly devastated that the Lorac gift set I really wanted is made in China.  Of course, I may very well have been disappointed in it anyway, so I guess it’s better to be disappointed about not buying something than to be disappointed after you’ve bought (or received) it.  After all, I don’t buy brand name makeup just to have brand name makeup – I buy it because it’s (usually) better quality.  Lorac makes some of the best eye shadows I’ve ever used.  Either they’re normally very over-priced, or someone “cut corners” on making these – a set that contains 4 mini palettes with 4 eye shadows each.

Only $36 at Ulta. What a deal! (Maybe)

My Modified Wish List:  So, I have to update my wish list.  No more shopping online to find all the stuff I love.  I’m actually going to have to go to a beauty store and check out all the stuff I think I want before I add it to my wish list.  I already look like a crazy person going around taking photos of everything I want.   (When I get the “Can I help you?” question with the sideways glance, I explain that my husband and children need a wish list from me and taking photos with my phone makes it easier for them…)  So, I’ll only look slightly more crazy by turning the products every which way to find out where they’re made…


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