Dumbest Idea Ever…or not

While browsing around the drugstore.com clearance section (I had “store credit” to spend and it was expiring)  I saw this product.  At first, I thought “Wow, that’s stupid!” but then I got to thinking…

Beauty Fixation (by Japonesque) Pre-Filled Portable Lip Conditioner Swabs (clearance price $3.75)

Why I Thought it Was Dumb:  “Seriously?  A lip balm takes up too much space in your purse?  You seriously need a bigger purse!” was my initial thought.  It does seem kind of wasteful to have basically just the applicator part of a lip product to use and throw away.

Then I Realized:  You know all those times when you have a cold (or maybe a cold sore) and you keep using your lip gloss/balm?  Yeah, that’s pretty unhealthy.  I personally don’t get sick very much (probably because I’m mildly germaphobic…)  When I do, I make sure not to use the applicator part of my lip products.  I apply them with a Q-tip instead.  So, these would be a great solution to those times when you really need to have something portable that isn’t going to lengthen and/or cause the resurgence of your illness.

So…  If you have young kids and get sick regularly (kids are disease-carrying vectors!), have immune system problems, or get cold sores/fever blisters, you might want to get some of these.

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