Review: Yes to (baby) Carrots Face & Nose Wipes

OK, it may seem odd that I’m reviewing a baby product when I haven’t had babies for like 15 years.  However, I read that this product is good for people with sensitive skin.  My skin isn’t normally sensitive, but I’ve been using heavy-duty retinol products and it gets irritated more easily than it used to.  So, I thought I’d try these wipes for my face.  (Trying to be nice to my skin, even though it’s not being nice to me!) 

Pros:  Gentle.  Smells OK.  Cruelty-free (PETA approved).  Contains aloe and vitamin E.  100% natural ingredients.  Hypoallergenic.  Biodegradable, natural cloth.

Cons:  Doesn’t do a good job of taking off makeup – even mineral makeup.  Not “scrubby”.

In Summary:  These are absolutely fine for their intended purpose – wiping leftover food off a baby’s face.  They’re just not meant to be used by Moms, I guess.  Oh well.  At least they don’t smell bad.  Maybe I can use them to wipe dirt off my dog’s paws or something…

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars (but not for makeup removal)  

Price:  approx $6 for package of 30

Available at:  Target (baby section, not sold online),, various other retailers

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