Review: Tigi Bed Head “Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray”

I’ve been using Tigi Bed Head’s “Headrush” hairspray to add a little “shine” to my hair.  I went to Ulta for my annual “support the pink” purchases of Tigi’s breast cancer awareness items and saw the “Masterpiece” hairspray.   I asked the store clerk if she knew how it compared to the “Headrush”, but she didn’t know.  Here’s my take…

Pros:  Bigger bottle (better value – 9.5 oz. vs 5.3 oz.).  Paraben-free.  Is meant to hold hair in place, not just make it shinier. (Didn’t know this when I bought it – it’s traditional hairspray that also adds shine, whereas “Headrush” only adds shine.)  Helps control fly-away hair.

Cons:  Doesn’t smell as nice as “Headrush” (doesn’t smell bad, though).  Taller bottle may be problematic for storage.  Comes out heavier than “Headrush”.

In Summary:  I still prefer “Headrush” for adding shine to my hair, but “Masterpiece” is still a good way to add a little luster to your hair while maintaining its style – as long as you’re careful not to spray too close to your hair or use too much of the product.  I don’t usually need “hold” when I style my hair, so the “Headrush” would probably work fine most days.  However, I wanted to support the breast cancer awareness campaign, and this product was on sale, so I’m pretty happy with it.

Beauty Tip:  If trying to add a natural-looking “shine” look to your hair, apply shine-adding hairspray at a diagonal angle where your hair hits your shoulders and with a horizontal motion about halfway up your head.

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars 

Price:  approx $14 for 9.5 oz bottle

Available at:   Ulta (not online), some salons,


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