Thumbs-Down: Bath & Body Works

Well, I had pretty much sworn off Bath & Body Works body care products, because almost all of them contain parabens.  So, I’ve been limiting my purchases there to hand sanitizers and candles.  But I had a coupon for a free “body care item” with $10 purchase. So, I stocked up on hand sanitizers and picked up this item.  I’ve been needing a body scrub and this one looked promising.  Looks can be deceiving…

Pros:  Smells nice.  Was on sale (half off, plus mine was free).  Pretty packaging.  (I’m trying really hard to find “pros”.)

Cons:  Originally very expensive.  Contains parabens – lots of parabens.  VERY oily.  Not very “scrubby” for more than a few seconds.

In Summary:  I want my body scrub to scrub.  Seriously – what’s the point of using something that doesn’t exfoliate?  I used a generous amount of this product and it just kind of dispersed all over my skin and got less and less scrubby with every motion of my hand.  Oh, and did I mention it was oily? (I guess the “make make surfaces slippery” is a hint…)  I’m not understating this – my skin was waterproof after I used it.  The water was literally beading up on my skin.  I washed with regular body wash afterwards and my skin is now only moderately oily.  Between the parabens, price, and oily-ness, I would definitely not recommend buying this product.  (Unless you’re rich, don’t care about cancer risk, and have super dry skin.)

Rating:  1.5 out of 5 stars 

Price:  $16.50

Available at:  Bath & Body Works



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