Review: RickyCare No-Frizz Comb

I admit, I’m a little skeptical about the idea of an oil-infused comb (especially since it’s plastic).  It sounds weird and seems like it would be hard to make it work.  However, since frizz is my most common (and annoying) hair issue, I decided to give one of these combs a try when I saw it being sold at a discount store for half price…

The Claims: Essential oils are dry-baked into the plastic.  Gradually reduces dry oil on every strand of hair.  Eliminates frizz.  Treated with a NANO coating that fills irregularieis in the plastic that inhibits bacterial growth.  Works for 25,000 strokes, or about one year.

Pros:  Very sturdy.  Easy to hold.

Cons:  I didn’t really notice much frizz-control.   Made in China.

In Summary:  The comb doesn’t feel “oily”, so I don’t see how it’s supposed to work.  It does say that you see better results with dry hair, and I rarely comb my hair when it’s dry.  Plus, it’s possible that these combs come with an unknown “expiration date” and – since I bought it at a discount store – maybe this comb had been around too long to keep working its magic.  At any rate, it’s a strong, durable comb.  I have long, thick hair that loves to tangle.  (My hair has caused the death of several combs – I broke one in half combing my hair last week!)  The strength of this comb makes it worth the price (especially since I got it half off), so I don’t really mind if the oil-releasing mojo isn’t there anymore.  I have argan oil.  I can get it into my hair the old-fashioned way…

Note:  All the “No-Frizz” combs are about half price at the manufacturer’s website.  I’m not sure if this means they’re discontinued (maybe they DON’T work!) or are just on sale.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars 

Price:  approx $8

Available at:

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