Nail Art for Lazy (and Cheap) People

I’ve always been a traditionalist when it comes to my nails – all one color, usually “safe” colors like pink, purple, etc.  However, the growing popularity and acceptance of nail art has given me motivation to branch out.  Oh yeah, and it means spending less time and money doing my nails…

This week was Homecoming at my kids’ school.  I started the week with blue nails in honor of their school colors.  By Friday (Homecoming football game night), the nail polish was looking a  little rough around the edges, so my solution was to put some glitter on the tips and write RHS! (school initials!) in silver nail pen.

Products used: “L.A. Colors” polish ($1 – Dollar Tree), “Nail Art” glitter polish ($1 – Big Lots), Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen ($6 – Ulta)

OK, so my handwriting sucks. (My husband had to do my right hand for me!) It’s about school spirit, not neatness..  By the end of the football game, some of the letters had gotten scratched off (I went to help clean up the concession stand, which probably didn’t help…), so the next morning I scraped off most of the rest of it.  Then I applied more of the “Nail Art” el-cheapo glitter polish to the entire nail.  This hid the rest of the silver letters I couldn’t get off.

I’ve gotten a few compliments on this look.  I admit, I wouldn’t normally wear this much glitter, but it’s kind of growing on me.  The best part:  I’ve gotten away without re-doing my nails for the whole week.

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