Beauty Tip: Mystic Tan Suggestion

So, I had a Groupon for a tanning salon which offered me 1 free “Mystic Tan”  (the machine that sprays you a shade of your choice.)  I’d already been tanning for a week, so I decided to add to my color with the Mystic Tan.  I chose the reasonable color for my not-very-dark skin.

Then the customer service chick said “Do you want to add bronzer for $2 more?”  I asked what the difference was and she told me it would make the color more immediately noticeable.   I thought that sounded like a good idea.  I was wrong.  And I ended up kind of orange.

At first, it looked fine, but as the regular part of the Mystic Tan started to show itself, the color changed from “Maybe-a-Little-Orange” to “Wow-That’s-Orange”.  Even worse, I didn’t do a good job applying the “blending lotion” to my hands and feet, so now they look like I went crazy with cheap at-home-use self tanner.

So, I had to exfoliate my skin until I looked a normal shade.   The lesson learned:  Upgrades aren’t always a good thing.

Side note:  If given the opportunity, pay extra for the fragrance stuff they add to the tanning solution.  (only $1 where I went, both times.)  Self tanner smells kinda weird on its own.

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