Review: Revlon ColorStay Nail Enamel

The “Blue Slate” color of Revlon’s ColorStay Longwear Nail Enamel was on clearance at Target (and I had a coupon), so I decided to try it out, since I’ve never tried this variety of Revlon nail polish before…

Pros:  Inexpensive.  Nicely shiny. Comes in some really nice colors.

Cons:  Dried lumpy. (I applied a base coat first, and let it dry for quite a while.)  Didn’t go on as smoothly as I’d like.  The brush isn’t great.

In Summary:  This nail polish is nothing to write home about.  It’s possible that this particular bottle was just old.  I’ve noticed that Revlon’s nail polishes do not age gracefully and have a tendency to get “goopy” as they age.  I don’t know about the “longwear” claim of this product, because it was lumpy and I had to take it off my nails. (But I loved the color!)

Rating:  2.5 out of 5 stars 

Price:  approx. $5

Available at: drug store, mass merchandisers

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