Thumbs-Down: Garnier Herbashine (Semi-Permanent) Hair Color

When my daughter wanted to color her hair this summer, I insisted she use “temporary” color, because I didn’t want her to worry about having roots and being stuck in a vicious cycle of hair coloring. As you may (or may not) know, if you’re in the market for anything-but-permanent hair color, you don’t have a lot of choices.  I’ve always used Clairol’s Natural Instincts on my long, thick hair (I’m committment phobic), so I recommended that.  However, the new Garnier Herbashine was on sale (it was her money) and I figured it couldn’t be much different.   (Plus, I love some of Garnier’s OTHER stuff!)  Boy, was I wrong…

Pros:    Inexpensive.  Ammonia-free. Probably OK for fine or short hair.

Cons:  This hair color is so thick and pasty, you can’t blend it into hair – especially thick, wavy hair.  Not as many color options as Natural Instincts.

The result:  “Striped” hair.  Seriously.  It was bad.  I figured “Hey, it’ll only last through 28 shampoos, so it’s not so tragic.”

The attempted solution:  Buy another box and try to “fill in” the areas that didn’t get enough color.

The final result:  Fewer (but still some) un-colored spots and NOT temporary color.  Apparently when you color hair with “semi-permanent” color twice, it becomes permanent-ish.  It took well over 2 months for the color to fade.

In Summary:  It’s possible that this product would be great on fine and/or short hair.  Maybe if you have a lot of hair, you’re supposed to use 2 boxes.  So, If you have thick (or lots of) hair and want to color your hair without it being permanent, I recommend using the Natural Instincts stuff.  Note:  They now have permanent color, too – called “Vibrant” –  so don’t buy the wrong one!  Also, there’s a newer formula that’s “cream” instead of the liquid.  It might cause the same problem as this one in thicker hair. (I bought some a while back, I’ll let you know after I try it!)

Price:  approx $8

Available at:  mass merchandisers, drug stores,

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