Shopping Tip: Get with the Program

Rewards/loyalty programs are a great way to get good deals.  Often, you’ll get “members only” exclusive deals and proudct offerings.  Sometimes, you’ll get coupons not available any other way.  In short, joining the program can help you save money…

Sephora Beauty Insider:  You get 1 point for every dollar you spend.  Points keep accumulating until you want to use them.  At the 100 point level, you can get a bonus-sized sample of a product of your choice (usually about 4 to choose from).  Keep collecting to 500 points and get a larger reward.  Also, you get a free gift during your birthday month.  This year’s was an eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner mini kit.  In addition, Beauty Insiders get e-mails with early availability of sales and products, as well as special free gifts with purchase.  They have a “premier” Beauty Insider program if you spend $350 in a calendar year.  For more info, go here.

Ulta Rewards:  Ulta has 2 separate programs:  UltaMate Rewards and The Club at Ulta.  Program availability depends on where you live.  “The Club” gets you points for spending $50, $100, etc.  You can redeem the certificate you receive in the mail for a free item from those listed.  Certificates are sent out 4 times a year and you can’t “bank” points.  UltaMate Rewards seems to work differently, but it’s not available where I live, so I’m not sure exactly how it works.   The best thing about the rewards program is that once or twice a year (usually before/after Christmas) you’ll get a 20% off total purchase coupon and it’s good for almost everything in the store, unlike most of the other coupons.  (You can use it for most high-end/”prestige” brands.)  For more info, go here. 

The Body Shop “Love Your Body” Program:  This program costs $10 to join.  On your birthday month, you can come into a store or place an online order and get $10 off (minimum $10 purchase).  The program also gets you 10% off all your purchases and “points” based on your spending.  Each time you spend at least $20, you get a point.  (2 points for $50 and up)  Once you have four “points”, you get a coupon for 15% off your purchase.  Once you get eight points, you get a free program renewal and $25 certificate.  I pretty much only joined for the discount and birthday gift.  I didn’t go on any shopping sprees at The Body Shop (one time I spent $19.78 – should have gotten something cheap so I could get a “point”…), so I didn’t really get any other benefits.  If you shop at The Body Shop on a regular basis, you should join the program.  Important note:  The birthday reward doesn’t have a “reminder” feature, so you have to just go in on your birthday month.  You won’t get an e-mail or postcard reminding you to come in for your gift.  Find more info here.

CVS ExtraCare Beauty Club:  This one is pretty new.  It’s basically an extension of CVS’s ExtraCare Card.  For every $50 you spend on beauty items, you get a $5 reward.  You also get a 10% off total beauty purchase once you sign up, $3 “extra bucks” on your birthday, and exclusive coupons.  Personally, I don’t buy a lot of beauty products at CVS because they’re usually WAY over-priced, but when they have sales AND I have coupons, it’s sometimes worth it.  If you’re interested, you can join here.

Get with the Program:  Joining some or all of these programs can help you save a lot of money on your beauty purchases.  Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of paying for a membership that isn’t going to benefit you, or buying (more) stuff just because you have the membership.

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