Shopping Tip: Love Perfume?

If you’re a huge fan of perfume (like me!), you know how expensive it can be to stay “fashionable” with your fragrance.  But, there’s a great way to get a good deal on fragrances…

Sephora Favorites:  Sephora sells these great sets.  (Look for them under Fragrance/Gift Sets/Sephora Favorites) It’s a bunch of samples that come in a pretty little package.  One of the sets even comes with a refillable fragrance atomizer (perfect for your purse).  The best part?  They all come with a gift certificate for a full-sized bottle of whichever fragrance you liked best.  (I liked several, so I picked the one that was most expensive – it cost more than the set when purchased separately!)

Availability:  These products used to only be available around the holidays, but it seems that they’re being carried all year now.  Some stores have some of the sets, but every set may not be available at every store.  If there’s a certain one you want, you might have to order it online.  The products are listed as “limited edition”, and the offerings change from time to time.

His & Hers:  They make gift sets specifically for guys, too.  This is a great gift for a teenaged guy or the man in your life.  (Who doesn’t want their guy to smell good?)

Price:  $42 – $75, depending on set

Available at:, Sephora stores

note: Products not shown to scale.

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