Beauty Tip: Blush Basics

Blush can make your face look totally different.  Here are some ideas for making your blush work…

Better Blush:  Really cheap blush isn’t finely milled, so when you apply it, you get a “cakey” look that can make your skin look not-so-smooth.  If you buy lower quality blushes, use a brush with softer bristles (not the one that comes in the container) for better application.  I like EcoTools brushes – available at Target and Ulta.

Blush without the Brush: There are a lot of blush products out there that aren’t powder.  You can get cream or gel blushes (some of which double as lip gloss)  If you’re not wearing foundation, using these can be a way to brighten your face or make it look sun-kissed.

No Stripes:   Some people use a technique I refer to as “racing stripe” blush.  This effect is created when someone uses a super bright or super dark color and puts one solid line up each side of their face.  Not attractive.  Or flattering.  Think about how people look when they blush naturally.  It’s not in a solid, straight line.

Don’t Be Monochromatic:  Use a darker color for your regular blush.  Follow with a lighter color at a higher point to create a different look.  A shimmery pink blush applied to the highest part of your cheekbone in a (sort of) semi-circle going towards the corner of your eye gives you a more alluring/healthy look.

Change Your Face:  If you have a round face, don’t apply blush to the “sunken” part under your cheekbone.  Apply to the part where the bone starts to stick out.  It will make your face look less round.

Not Just for Cheeks:  A peachy or pinkish colored blush can be applied to any part of your face you want to highlight (think of a triangle on your face, and highlight the forehead, down the nose, and center of your chin).  Just make sure the color is subtle.  You don’t want to look like you’re getting ready for Carnivale.

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