Review: Smith’s/Rosebud “Lip Balm” (and moisturizer)

I call it “lip balm” (with quotes) because I don’t use it as lip balm.  (I have an issue with any product that requires me to put my fingers/fingernails into it!) This balm is great for many things.  Calling it a lip balm really takes away from its multi-faceted nature…

Pros:  Paraben-free.  Smells nice.  Good texture.

Cons:  Contains petroleum, (“petrolatum”) artificial flavor, and synthetic wax. 

My uses for it:

– Quick touch ups on patchy dry spots.  Sometimes you don’t have time to exfoliate that neglected spot on your heel, big toe, or finger.  Smooth this on and your dry spot looks instantly better.

– Cuticle treatment.  This works great on fingernails and toenails in lieu of cuticle oil/cream.  If your nails are sans polish, you can smooth some over the surface to give them a healthy-looking shine.

Note:  This product may say “Smith’s” or “Rosebud” for the brand on the packaging.  I’ve seen both versions, but they’re the same product.  There’s also a “salve” formula, which I haven’t tried.  The “lip balm” also comes in minted rose at Sephora, and some other varieties at and  There’s also a 3-piece set, if you’d like to try other products.

In Summary:   Personally, I hate the smell of artificial rose scent, so I went with the strawberry.   The tins are .8 oz, which doesn’t sound like much but is quite a lot, because it only takes a little bit to do the job.  I wish I had known it came in a tube. (They don’t sell the tube at Sephora, where I got mine.)  I might have actually used it for lip balm…

Rating:  4 out of 5 stars  

 Price:  starting at $5

Available at:  Sephora, (many varieties available), American Apparel, (lots of varieties), various other retailers

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