Review: Jonathan Product “Stylist” Straightening Lotion

I’ve been looking for a product to replace my paraben-containing Paul Mitchell “Straight Works”.  I picked this up in Ulta’s clearance section.  I think it’s been discontinued, because it’s not on the manufacturer’s website, but it’s still available at other places.  (Besides, if I like it, I’ll go buy the rest of them on clearance!)  Here’s what I thought…

Pros: Not strongly fragranced.  Paraben and sulfate-free. 100% vegan. Provides thermal protection. Helps control frizz.

Cons:  Expensive, if you buy it at full price.  Makes hair look a little “dull”.

In Summary:  I really, really like this product.  It works as well as the Paul Mitchell stuff (maybe a little better), leaving my hair with the same kind of “texture” and straightness.   Unfortunately – since it seems to have been discontinued – I don’t think I’ll be able to buy it in the future.  (Boo!)  So, I’ll see if they have any more left at Ulta, but it looks like my hair-straightening-lotion-quest will have to continue…

Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars  (It would get 5 if it were less expensive!) 

Price: $26

Available at: various online retailers, including Folica, BeautyBar, and Bloom

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