Review: The Body Shop Baked Eye Color

When I joined the “Love My Body” loyalty/rewards program, it cost $10.  I was told I’d get a $10 gift for my birthday.  My birthday was August 6th and I didn’t get an e-mail or postcard or anything, so I researched it some more.  It turns out you’re supposed to come into a store during the month of your birthday to use the $10 credit (or make an order online, where it’s automatically added).  Doing it online meant paying a ridiculous amount in shipping, and since Friday was the last day of my “birthday month”, I had to run to The Body Shop (kind of far from my house) to use my gift.  (I called first, they said it HAD to be used in August!)  This is what I got, because it was one of the only things that wasn’t too much over $10 and didn’t contain parabens…

Pros:  Available in 8 shades (2 colors per container).  Can be used wet or dry. Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested.  Contains fair trade, organic olive oil (from Italy, if you care).  Not horribly over-priced.  Stays in place. Paraben-free.

Cons:  “Creases” pretty easily.  Color isn’t very deeply pigmented.

In Summary:  For $2.50, this is a great product.  For $12.50, it’s over-priced.  I’m not really a fan of the “marbled” concept when it comes to cosmetics.  I just want to see what color it’s going to be on my face, you know?  Maybe this is a product that works better wet.  I don’t wear eye shadow that way, unless I’m mixing it with something to make it waterproof.  At any rate, I didn’t love or hate this eye shadow.  If I got it as  gift, I’d be happy with it, but I won’t be buying it for myself – even if I have a gift certificate.

Rating:  3 out of 5 stars 

Price:  $12.50

Available at:  The Body Shop

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  1. I love these colors!! Purple is my favorite color so I die over purple eyeshadows. I just want to thank you again for joining my WordPress only beauty blog hop last month. I wanted to let you know September’s post is up if you are interested in signing up again this month.

  2. ohhhh I am a purple person for sure for eye colors… gorgeous shade


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