Soften Up

I know not everyone lives somewhere that having a water softener is an option, BUT if you have any way of installing a water softener, I’m certain it will improve your skin and hair – especially if you live somewhere with very hard water.  (like South Central Texas!)  This is probably the most expensive thing I’ll ever suggest you purchase, but it’s one of those things that will help in more than one area of your life…

Background:   I had a water softener installed in my home about 2 years ago. To be more accurate – I replaced the one that had been used as a trash can by previous owners. As a result, my hair is looking its best ever.  My skin is less breakout-prone, too.

But:    If you are even sort of prone to high blood pressure, the amount of salt added to your diet by a water softener could be significant (depending on how much water you drink.)  Also, if you water your grass, it won’t like having added salt in its diet. The alternative is to use a potassium chloride additive, rather than the salt.  It is significantly more expensive, but probably worth it.

Downside:  I’ve noticed our coffee maker and espresso machine don’t work as well.  The coffee maker is just slower, but the espresso machine just doesn’t work very well at all. All I can figure is that the particles in the water make it “chunky” at the molecular level and it can’t pass through the machines as well.  My solution:  Buy “drinking water”  (purified water, not fancy spring water) and keep a gallon around to make my espresso.

Multiple Benefits:  The other “upside” to having a water softener is that your pipes will last longer.  Supposedly, your laundry comes out brighter, too, but I haven’t noticed a difference there.  (And I don’t care, as long as my hair looks good!)

In Summary:  If you can afford a water softener, I highly recommend it.

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