Reality Check

If you’re reading my blog, I’m pretty sure you’re not a rich and famous celebrity type.  So… maybe you shouldn’t try to look like one.  I keep seeing women who are my age (or older) trying to pull off some looks that are borderline hilarious.  Here’s some tough love…

Your Eyes Don’t Need to Smoke.  The “smoky eye” is being sold as universally sexy.  The truth is that it doesn’t work for everyone, and it looks downright ridiculous on some people.  (Same for that “cat eye/Cleopatra” look.)  It’s not good for everyday use and looks really dumb with a polo and denim capris.  Especially if you’re driving a minivan.

Not Every Trend Needs to be Embraced.  Just because you saw it on E! Entertainment Television or in a Sephora ad, doesn’t mean you have to go out and get “that” look.  It’s easy to lose focus on what looks good in the mirror when you spend too much time looking at other people.

If You Can’t Find It, You Don’t Need It.  Haven’t been able to find your favorite lipstick shade? There’s a reason. It’s out of style. Find something new.

Try It Before You Buy It.  Sephora stores have “express services” they do for free where you can choose from some of the “looks” without any committment.  Stop at a beauty counter in a department store to check out different products.  You have to be open-minded and forgiving with the beauty specialists, sometimes.  They have a “formula” they’re using for some of these techniques and they may not be one-size-fits=all.  I went and got the “everyday eye” look one time and it look like someone had spray painted my eyelids.  They were nice eye shadow colors – but it was a LOT of eye shadow.  And I had an allergic reaction to the mascara.  But, hey, at least it was free!

You Don’t Live at the Mall.  The lighting in your house, yard, and everywhere else is different.  Give yourself a reality check by going out to your car and seeing what you look like in the light of day before you buy all those products.  (Besides – using the “I want to see it in natural lighting” excuse allows you to dodge buying it if you can’t afford it or don’t like it.)

Step Away from the Crazy Colors.  So, maybe your favorite color is fuchsia – that doesn’t mean you should put it on your eyelids, cheeks, or lips.  You’re not a model for Sephora’s catalog.  Stick with the earth tones, blues, purples – anything that doesn’t look like a color you’d see in a highlighter.  If you want to wear a vibrant color, save it for your nails.

Save It for Evening Wear.  If you REALLY want to do some over-the-top glamorous look, save it for special occasions.  (Picking up your kids from soccer practice doesn’t qualify!)  Besides, if you’re always going for the uber-glamour, when you’re dressed up you’re just going to look like your everyday self in a nice dress.  It’s the contrast between your everyday look and your “evening” look that will make it more dramatic.  Nobody has ever made a grand entrance at an event by looking the way they look on a Monday morning.  Look your best every day, and look “va-va-voom” when/where people are more likely to appreciate it.

In Summary:  You’re fabulous.  You’re amazing.  Your choice of makeup has nothing to do with that.  You don’t have to prove your relevance by wearing every “must-have”, flavor-of-the-week color/product.

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