Review: Sonia Kashuk Nail Colour

It’s been a while since I bought this nail polish, but I just got around to using it, so here’s my review…

Pros:  Inexpensive. Made in USA. Perfume-free.  Coats well.  Nice shimmer/sparkle without being “chunky”.  Very shiny/metallic finish. Comes in a good variety of colors.

Cons:  Only available at Target.  Horrible brush. Not as opaque as some nail polishes.

In Summary:  I like this nail polish – except for the brush.  It’s very cheap-looking. (Ironically, the very-budget-friendly Wet n Wild nail polishes have a better brush…)  It doesn’t have a lot of definition, or a tapered “professional” shape.  I would probably only buy this brand again if they had a color I needed and couldn’t get in any other brand. Or if it was on clearance and/or I had a coupon.

Rating:  2.5 out of 5 stars (only because of the brush) 

Price:  approx $5

Available at:  Target

Color: “Smoke and Mirrors”

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