Review: Herbal Essences “None of Your Frizzness” Conditioner

When I went to the store to get color-safe (allegedly) shampoo and conditioner, the “matching” conditioner for the shampoo I was buying was out of stock.  Since I had a coupon I could only use if I bought two products (and I needed more conditioner, anyway) I got this one.  I have somewhat frizzy hair (living in a hot, humid climate doesn’t help!) so it was a good alternative…

Pros: Inexpensive.  Smells nice.  Moderate frizz control.  Not heavy or waxy.  Paraben-free.

Cons: Contains sulfates.

In Summary:  This is a decent conditioner if you only have slight to moderate frizz.  It probably wouldn’t be helpful if you had a rmajor frizz-control problem.  It may work better with its “matching” shampoo, which I haven’t tried.

Rating:  3.5 out of 5 stars 

Price: approx. $4

Available at:  drug stores, mass merchandisers, Ulta (not online),

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