Woe is Me

A while back, I went through my (massive) collection of beauty products, to find out which ones contained parabens.  (read post here:   http://wp.me/p1Z8Rq-7w)   I judiciously labeled all paraben-containing product with “The Scarlet Letter”.  OK, so it was black Sharpie, and it was a “P”, not an “A”, but you get the idea.  Items marked with “P” were the ones I chose to use until they were gone and then find a non-paraben-containing replacement product.  (Many things were thrown away, because they were old anyway, because I didn’t love them, or because they were free.  I only kept the stuff I really love and/or cost a lot of money.)

And then…   I’ve been running low on my pressed powder and asked for it for my birthday.  My wonderful husband (who has learned to shop from “the wish list”) bought some for me.  It’s Too Faced Absolutely Invisible Pressed Powder.  Because I got a new one, I was able to see the ingredients.  (I was too lazy to look them up when I did the “Paraben Project”, I suppose…)  Guess what?  Parabens.  Boo!

To Make Things Worse:   The powder I used before falling in love with Too Faced – Amazing Cosmetics’ Powder Set – also contains parabens.  So does Urban Decay’s “De-Slick” Mattifying Powder (which I don’t love, but use because I have it!)  Additionally, I’ve been buying the Too Faced stuff because I can get it at the military exchange, which is both convenient and less expensive.  They only carry a few “prestige” brands and Too Faced happens to be one of them.

What’s a Girl to Do?   Anybody out there know of a (high quality) pressed powder that doesn’t contain parabens?!?!?  Pressed powder has been a staple of my beauty regimen since I was a teenager.  I can’t imagine having to go through life without a pressed powder compact in my purse!  I guess it’s time for a trip to Ulta or Sephora to hunt down an eventual-replacement item.  Hopefully I’m able to explore on my own and not be approached by a well-meaning store associate.  I can already picture them trying not to roll their eyes as I explain all my criteria for beauty purchases (paraben and phthalate free, not made in China, has to work for hyper-oily skin).  Fingers crossed for either A:  A patient, helpful store associate.  or B:  A bunch of store associates that are too busy to “help” me.  🙂

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  1. Are you looking specifically for a pressed powder? If you don’t mind loose, I really love using silk and/or silica powder to set my foundation. I purchase it from TKB trading.

    • I’m looking for a pressed powder so I have something I can put in my purse. I’m notoriously clumsy – loose powder would be a bad idea! 🙂

  2. I think Jane Iredale has a pressed powder free of parabens. And the entire line is really high quality 🙂

    • Thanks. I’ll check it out!

      • Sure thing 🙂 I think it’s one of the nicest lines out there, although pretty spendy. I you do try if and like it naimies.com offers a 40% discount on Jane Iredale ( and many others) for pro members. If you qualify or have a friend who might qualify, it’s worth it for the discounts.

  3. Oh typing.. “if you do try it…” Sorry!

    • That’s OK. I often hit send/enter/whatever and then see some error. Usually, I blame my not-so-smart phone, but I just need to slow down… 🙂


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