My Love/Hate Relationship with Costco

Disclaimer:  If you don’t have a Costco store in your area, please stop reading.  It will make you sad.  (I hear Costco is rapidly expanding its domain, so maybe you’ll get one soon!)  I take no responsibility for any level of depression, anger, or despair that results from you reading the following post.  🙂

I love Costco.  I hate Costco.  LOVE that it has so much great stuff at such great prices.  HATE that I would have to spend hundreds of dollars in one trip to get all the great deals on all the beauty products I’d like to buy.  (Already spend PLENTY of money there just on food and gas!)  Here’s a quick look at some of the products in my local store right now.  As a point of comparison, I’ve listed the Costco price first, and the price of these items at…

Note:  Photos are generic “product images”, not representative of sizes/packaging of items at Costco.

Prices may vary by store location.

Bio-Oil 2 pack  – 4.2 fl. oz & 2.0 fl. oz.

$19.89  (compared to $27.48)

Nexxus Diametress Shampoo – 44 fl. oz.

$17.97 (compared to $44.97 to buy 3 bottles, or 40.5 oz.)

Nexxus Humectress Conditioner – 44 fl. oz.

$27.98 (compared to $30.59 for a 33.8 fl. oz container)

Nexxus Therappe Moisturizing Shampoo – 44 fl. oz.

$17.98 (compared to $17.99 for a 33.8 fl. oz container)

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes- 114 ct

$14.99 (compared to $25.56 for 100)

Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser  – 3 pk, 5 oz. each

$12.49 after “instant rebate”  (compared to $17.97)

CoverGirl Lash Blast Fusion Mascara – 3 pack

$17.49 (compared to $26.97)

Strivectin SD – 2 pack, 4 oz. each

$134.99 (compared to $135 for 5 fl. oz.)

And more!  There were other great beauty bargains, too, but I did an inadequate job of annotating the prices and sizes.  Items include:  Fekkai sets, Organix Shampoo & Conditioner, and others.  More products are available online that aren’t in stores.

BUT…  Here’s the thing:  Some of these items you may be able to get much less expensively by using sales, promotions, and coupons.  If you buy a huge stockpile, some of them might even expire before you can use them all up.

However…  If you have daughter/sister/mother/friend you can share the products with, you both might be able to save a significant amount of money.  In some cases, you might even be able to split up the products and give items as gifts.

Keep Checking:  Costco changes out their inventory semi-regularly.  Around the holidays, they get lots of beauty products, like designer perfumes, makeup palettes, etc.  Don’t go in there once and make a decision about what they’ve got.  It probably won’t be the same the next time you go (unless you go more than once a week, like I do!)

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