Birthday Bonanza

This is both my favorite and least favorite time of the year.  It’s my least favorite because it’s when I turn another year older (sigh), but my favorite because it’s when I start getting all the free stuff I signed up for.  Here’s a quick list of some free stuff I got this year.  (Some of them aren’t beauty products, but I thought you might be interested anyway. The “beauty” stuff is in bold.)  I’ve added links to the part of the website where you sign up for the programs…

Arby’s: Free milkshake (e-mailed) when you join Arby’s Extras.

Auntie Anne’s Pretzels:  Buy one, get one free pretzel with enrollment in Pretzel Perks. (e-mailed)  Other coupons are sent on a regular basis, too.

Aveda: Free custom product of your choice. A card comes in the mail. You can pick from several fragrances and they’ll make you a perfume or body care item of your choice. I don’t honestly remember signing up for this program. The “Pure Privilege” program they have now costs $10 to join (one-time fee), and I know I wouldn’t have paid to join, since I can’t afford most of the stuff they sell. Anyway, if you want to join, it’s $10 and has some other benefits.

Baskin Robbins: Free scoop of ice cream (e-mail) when you join the Birthday Club (you can add family members, too).

The Body Shop: $10 gift certificate. You have to join the “Love Your Body” club to get this, though. It costs $10, but also gives you a 10% discount on all your purchases for a year, as well as some other benefits.

Chili’s:  Free brownie sundae with purchase of adult entrée. (e-mail coupon)

Cold Stone Creamery:  Buy one, get one free coupon (e-mail) when you sign up for My Cold Stone.  Not a big deal, since these coupons are regularly available in Sunday papers, etc., anyway.

DSW: $5 gift certificate (e-mail) with DSW Rewards membership. Lots of other coupons and “free gift with purchase” offers, too.

Dunkin Donuts: Free drink (mailed) of your choice when you join the Perks program.

Famous Footwear: $10 gift certificate (mailed) with Rewards membership. (This is one of the best rewards programs out there.)

Game Stop: (Didn’t know I played video games, eh? Well, I do!) 😉 E-mail coupon for 20% off any pre-owned game with PowerUp Rewards membership. Membership is free, but there is an “upgraded” membership for $14.99.

Great American Cookies:  Free slice of cookie cake (e-mail coupon) with drink purchase when you sign up for Cookie-mail.

Origins: $10 off $25 purchase coupon (e-mailed). I think you get this when you create an account at The e-mail sign up doesn’t ask for your birthday, so that must be how it works.

PetSmart: OK, this isn’t for me. But, if you sign up for a PetPerks membership, you’ll get a free treat for your pet on whatever day you celebrate their birthday. It just so happens we celebrate “Reba Day” on the day we adopted our dog – August 21st (since we don’t know when she was born).

Pizza Hut: Free cinnamon sticks or bread sticks with online order when you create an account. (e-mail coupon)

Pretzel Maker/Pretzel Time:  Free pretzel bites with purchase of regular drink (e-mailed) when you join the mailing list.

Red Robin: Free burger when you join Red Royalty club. (e-mail) You have to get a card from a server at a restaurant to register, though. (This is a modification to the program, apparently, because I know I didn’t do this…)

Rue 21: $10 off $20 purchase coupon (e-mailed) when you sign up for Rue Community.

Sea Island Shrimp House: Free slice of key lime pie (e-mailed) when you join Reel Rewards. (Also, free shrimp cocktail for signing up.)

Sephora:  Free gift with Beauty Insider membership.  This year’s was a Fresh brand mini lip duo (lip balm and tinted lip balm).   Selection changes every year.  You can just bring your Beauty Insider card to any store in your birthday month to pick up your free gift, or you can get it with an online order.

Sonic Drive-In:  Free drink (e-mailed) when you join Sonic Cruisers.  Coupons for reloading gift cards, too.

Starbucks: Free drink of your choice. This is a postcard that comes in the mail when you sign up for My Starbucks Rewards. To do this, you need to purchase a reloadable Starbucks gift card and register online. You get points for purchases/reloading as well.

World Market (Cost Plus):  $10 gift certificate (e-mailed).   Sign up for the (free) World Market Explorer program in store or online to get the gift.  This is one of the easiest programs, because there’s no card to carry.  You just enter your phone number on the keypad at checkout.

Here’s a link to a more complete listing of birthday freebies:

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