Review: Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturizer

I’ve learned my lesson.  When I get a free sample, I need to research the cost of the product before I use it – just in case I fall in love with it.  This is one of those over-the-top expensive products I’m not likely to ever buy, but I tried the free sample anyway.  Here’s what I thought…

Pros:  Paraben-free.  Made in USA.  Good for “normal” skin.  Claims to help the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines.  Contains anti-oxidants.

Cons: Expensive. Heavy.  Not good for sensitive skin. Strongly fragranced.  It smells like “rose”.  I use the quotes because artificial “rose” smells nothing like actual roses to me.  It happens to be the only faux-flower fragrance I don’t particularly like.

In Summary:  I have no idea why they were so heavy-handed with the fragrance on this product.  It goes on your face!  If it were a body or foot or even hand lotion, I could understand.  The smell is just kind of overwhelming.  Seriously, do NOT buy this if you get migraines.  I had to wash it off after trying it.  But, hey, at least I didn’t fall in love with it…

Rating:  2 out of 5 stars 

Price:  $69 for 2 oz, $99 for 4 oz.

Available at:  Sephora,,, various other retailers

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